Urban Defensive Concepts (UDC) is the latest in adult street defence. Based on decades of experience in street confrontations and martial arts, Mick Nicholls has developed a system exclusively for adults, to train real street defence in a realistic training environment.



UDC draws heavily from years of experience in real street fights as well as the best of modern martial arts and sports science. UDC teaches techniques that will work in a street, a bar, a nightclub, a car-park. This is not for a boxing ring, this is not for competition, this is for real.



UDC teaches defense against knife, firearms, baseball bats, chains, bottles and improvised weaponry.



UDC is a purely practical martial art for rapid development of effective street defense skills.



UDC Defentech is a personal protection system NOT a martial art style.









Urban Defensive Concepts combines only the relevant aspects of Israeli Krav Maga, Filipino Kali, Muay Thai Kick-boxing, and Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do into a practical street defense system.



While most martial arts contain a high number of techniques and drills that have little or no relevance for the street, UDC strips away those areas of the martial arts and just concentrates on giving you the skills and techniques that will work in a real world confrontation.



UDC is a rapid development system that will give you the skills you need to defend yourself, fast.



UDC Defentech is great for Women, Men, Law Enforcement, Corrections, and Security personnel.










UDC is for total beginners who don't necessarily want to do a martial art, they just want to learn how to look after themselves. But UDC is also for the established martial artist who wants to supplement their existing training with something a little more realistic and raw.



Whatever your skill level and whatever your background, UDC can teach you the skills you need to defend you and your loved ones should the worst happen.



Training in UDC Defentech is under strict supervision and compliance with the Martial Arts Industry Associations risk management guidelines.













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